“As a real estate investor and Denver native, I have worked with many brokers throughout Colorado. Like most major cities, Denver has an elite few who stand apart as the most knowledgeable and well respected in the industry. Rochelle McNaughton is unquestionably at the top of the list of Denvers most elite. She knows exactly how to get the biggest offers on her sales, and the very best price on purchases. The level of dedication she offers her clients is unmatched. Any Coloradan who is buying or selling a home should have an agent with the experience, skill and prowess of Rochelle. She is who I use, and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to buy or sell in and around Denver.”

“Thank you SO SO SO much for everything!!
EVERYONE who owns a house should be lucky enough to have someone with your knowledge and experience and prowess on their side! We appreciate you so much! “

Shen and Adam Smith
Sellers of:
2 Ravenswood $1,000,000 and 710 Pontiac $1,225,000
May 2021.

‘I can’t speak highly enough of the dream team I worked with, Kelly Steron and Rochelle. McNaughton .They helped me find my dream condo . Being a first time home owner I really appreciated their professionalism and knowledge of the market, and the entire process that goes along with buying a home . They were the perfect fit for me .

I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a new home. ‘

Cynthia Fisher
1st time homebuyer

‘Rochelle is an incredible real estate agent. She showed us houses for 3 years staying the course with us until we found the perfect home. Rochelle is patient, kind, and determined. We are grateful for her tenacity on our behalf. ‘

Jennifer and Sam Butler

I have both sold and bought with the assistance of Rochelle. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of a residential real estate transactions and the Denver metro area market.  More importantly she really puts in the extra effort to get you the  best price as a seller and to find the perfect property, which she found off market and at the right price, when your are a buyer.

Paul Pittman.

Sold May 2020:

$3.3 million

purchased April 2021

$1.63 million

My husband, our three kids and I were a corporate relocation from across the country on the East Coast. We had never been to Denver. We had one week to find a house that we loved, learn the area and find the best schools possible – so that we could stay together as a family and create a seamless transition for our children. Rochelle was incredibly responsive to our needs and worked with us to not only help us find a home and community we loved, but to flex to our requirements on timing. She knows Denver inside and out and provided up front research, guidance and advice before we came to house hunt. We looked in the city, in the mountains and in the suburbs – she knew each area. And, she took the time to get to know our unique style, helping us narrow our search and ensure efficiency. Rochelle is also a great person and we enjoyed spending time exploring Denver with her. Post transition, she did all the heavy lifting allowing us to focus on our personal move and starting a new job. Best of all, we love Evergreen and found a special mountain property and community in Soda Creek that’s perfectly suited to our needs. Rochelle was a true delight and I’d highly recommend her to anyone moving to the Denver area…

Keri Gohman

My husband and I hired Rochelle as our realtor when we were ready to sell the home that we built and raised our kids in Greenwood Village. We looked for several months in an area we felt we wanted to move, not finding anything that we wanted to buy. We had a very specific idea of what we were looking for. We had given up and decided to stay in our home for a little while longer when Rochelle called us one day and asked if we would like to look at a house that had not gone on the market yet but that she felt was perfect for us. We went to look at the home and it was exactly what we wanted!

As with any move, especially one from a home with so many memories, we went through many moments of stress and uncertainty. Rochelle could not have been more patient and professional which made the whole process so much easier! We are so happy in our new home and neighborhood and it would not have happened without Rochelle! She really makes the effort to understand what you’re looking for and work toward that goal without compromise.


Rochelle McNaughton was our realtor when we bought a property in Cherry Hills Village that hadn’t been on the market for nearly three decades. We couldn’t be happier with the service she provided. Because of her network, we heard about the property early, and because of her focus and dedication to us as clients, we were able to navigate a rapid close in a complicated transaction, that also included multiple visits to the house to plan our remodel with various contractors.

Despite these challenges she always was positive, smiling and supportive of us. And helped us think strategically on several critical decisions.

She is the best of the best and we would not hesitate to use her again and again as we think about acquiring new properties.

Pete and Andree Hudson

My husband and I had been searching for the perfect family home for over a year by the time we met Rochelle. We were immediately impressed by her professionalism and engaged her to represent us on both the buy and sell. We were a bit apprehensive about moving with our 3 young children and another baby on the way, but Rochelle made the process as seamless as possible and we could not have been more pleased. Bottom line is that Rochelle is exceptional at what she does in every way. We would recommend her without reservation and intend to use her again, should the need to move arise.

Shawn and Heather Simmons

I recently had the opportunity to work with Rochelle as my real estate agent. She was helpful to me as a buyer and I would work with her again, both as a buyer and a seller. Rochelle listened to my needs and took the time to find a property that met them rather than trying to focus on closing a transaction. It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Rochelle and the work she does.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity/Susan M. Manfredi hired Rochelle as a Real Estate Agent in 2010

“Truly one of the best in the business! I have been fortunate to work with Rochelle on many occasions. Her compassion for her clients and her knowledge of the business make her an ideal Realtor. She takes the time to help with what can sometimes be a difficult process and her follow-up is what is needed to keep transactions a float.”

Michelle Tuttle, Loan Officer, First Cal Colorado